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1. Where can I use Knowhow Mobile Broadband?

Currently you can use your Knowhow Mobile Broadband SIM in 41 countries globally whilst paying just one low price, with no bill shocks or hidden charges. We have plans to grow our network even further while still maintaining our low cost, simple service.

2. Can I use the service to make and receive phone calls and SMS?

Knowhow offers a data only service, so it cannot support SMS or calls. However, there are a number of services available; such as Fring, Skype and Viber, which enable you to do such things. Please note that Globalgig (partner of Knowhow Mobile Broadband who provide data service) cannot be held responsible for the performance of third party products or services or their effects on our services so that this action is undertaken at your own risk. Our terms and conditions apply.

3. Inserting your SIM-only service card into your tablet/device

Insert our SIM card into your device by following the manufacturer's instructions. Then:
1. Power on your Device.
2. Perform the following three steps:
 i.Enable Mobile Data
 ii. Enable Data Roaming
 iii. Set the Access Point Name (APN) to:

As the Knowhow mobile is powered by Globalgig, our intelligent SIM will automatically select the Globalgig member network at your destination.

Note: When travelling to Australia please contact our Customer Services
Knowhow Ireland: (+353)1 447 5300
Knowhow UK: 0 3333 010 041

4. SIM-only - Settings for different device platforms

Please type into the Safari browser (on the device in which your Knowhow Mobile Broadband SIM is inserted):

Android users:

5. What tablets or devices work with your SIM-only product?

Warning - Will the SIM you buy for your SIM-only plan fit into your device?
There is little worse than buying something that doesn’t fit, whether it’s jeans, bed linen or a SIM. This is why we strongly suggest that you check out the instructions or specifications of your device and you don't just guess.

Much like jeans or bed linen, you cannot easily cut your SIM to fit. If you do and it all goes wrong, there is little chance that your tablet or device supplier will fix it for you and it is most likely you will have invalidated your warranty.

Here is a list of popular tablets and devices and the corresponding SIM size we believe will work with that device.  Again, it is very important that you check with your manufacturer as to which SIM size will be appropriate for you.  Manufacturers can change their specification without warning or notice and therefore we cannot guarantee that the information below is current or accurate, and neither can we take any responsibility for the information provided below.

Apple 1st Gen micro
Apple iPad 2 micro
Apple 3rd Gen micro
Apple 4th Gen micro
Apple iPad mini nano
Apple iPad retina micro
Samsung Galaxy Note mini
Samsung Galaxy Note II mini
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 3G mini
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 mini
Samsung Galaxy Tab mini
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 mini
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 mini
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 mini
Google Nexus 7 micro
Lenovo Idea Tab mini
Dell XPS10 Tablet micro
HP ElitePad 900 micro

6. Do I need to tell you when I am going overseas?

With Knowhow Mobile Broadband there is no need to tell us your travel plans. When you use our service in any of our countries you will automatically connect to our network.

7. What do you mean by the Globalgig 'network'?

Knowhow Mobile Broadband have partnered with Globalgig who work directly and closely with some of the biggest mobile service providers in the world. Across Europe and Hong Kong Globalgig is partnered with  Three, part of the Hutchison Whampoa group, and YouGov's #1 rated for coverage, reliability and quality. Globalgig’s mobile network services in the USA are provided on the  Nationwide Sprint® Network*, ranked #1 among all national carriers by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.  Optus is Voiamo's Australian partner and is part of the Singapore Telecom group, one of Asia's largest mobile operators and ACOMM Industry Awards winner. Our data has pedigree, we know where it comes from and we can pass this assurance and confidence in our network to you. That's what we mean.
* Although Sprint provides Globalgig subscribers access to its wireless network and to its wireless services, Globalgig is responsible to the Globalgig subscribers for the service. Please call Globalgig with any questions or comments about services

8. When do I receive my bill?

We will email your bill to you up to 10 days prior to your account being debited. This is one reason why we ask you for your email address when you register your account. If you do not receive your bill at this time please contact our help centre.

9. How do I change my billing address?

You can change the address associated to your account by contacting our help centre.

For security purposes you will need to provide the following information:

10. How do I cancel my contract?

You can cancel your contract subject to our terms and conditions (See clause 5 under Right to Cancel). You may be charged for data used up to the date of cancellation. For further information please contact our customer service team on 033 33 01 00 41

For security purposes you will need to provide the following information:


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Terms & Conditions

Voiamo Limited

The Knowhow UK Mobile Broadband Promotion - 01 November 2013 to 30 April 2014

The Promotion and this agreement take effect as follows (a) as to the Website Usage Terms on the Participant accessing this Home Activation page; (b) otherwise as hereinafter provided.

Terms and Conditions applicable to the Promotion

1. Parties

This agreement is made between Globalgig (which is a trading name of Voiamo Limited, company number 06321375) of Regus House, Highbridge, Oxford Road, Uxbridge UB8 1HR and the Participant.

2. Definitions

In these terms and conditions the following definitions shall apply:-

2.1 ‘Commencement Date’ means the date when the Globalgig Services are activated in accordance with this agreement;

2.2 ‘Data Allowance Period’ means the duration of the relevant Promotion Service Plan commencing with the Commencement Date;

2.3 ‘Free Data Allowance’ means the amount of data usable by the Participant free of charge (if any) as described in the Promotion;

2.4 ‘Globalgig Services’ means the data services available from Globalgig as defined in the Service Terms as ‘the Services’;

2.5 ‘Home Activation Page’ means this web activation page describing the Promotion Service Plan and containing or referring to these terms and conditions and through which the Globalgig Services are activated by the Participant;

2.6 ‘Participant’ means a party who applies to participate in the Promotion and to whom Globalgig agrees to supply the Globalgig Services in accordance with the Service Terms;

2.7 ‘Privacy Policies’ means the privacy policies of Globalgig (available at

2.8 ‘Promoter’ means the party appearing in the Promotion as the initiator of the Promotion;

2.9 ‘Promotion’ means the promotion specified on the Home Activation Page and all   the invitations to treat comprised therein subject to the Expiry Date and as more particularly described in the relevant documents and materials published by Globalgig and/or the Promoter;

2.10 ‘Promotion Expiry Date’ means the final date on which the Promotion may be activated by a Participant as set out in the Promotion; 

2.11 ‘Promotion Service Plan(s)’ means the plan(s) under which the Globalgig Services are supplied as described on the Home Activation Page;

2.12 ‘Service Terms’ means the terms and conditions subject to which the Globalgig Services are supplied to the Participant (available at;

2.13 ‘Website’ means Globalgig’s website at;

2.14 ‘Website Usage Terms’means the terms comprising part 2 of the Service Terms available on the Website.

3. Interpretation

3.1 Words and meanings used in the Service Terms apply to this agreement save where the contrary expressly appears herein;

3.2 All references to ‘Customer’ in the Service Terms shall apply to the Participant;

3.3 In the event of any express inconsistencies between on the one hand the Promotion Service Plans and/or the terms of this agreement and on the other hand the Website and/or the Service Terms the description comprised in the Promotion Service Plans and the terms of this agreement shall prevail (as the case may be). 

4. Promotion

4.1 Globalgig shall make the Free Data Allowance and the relevant Promotion Service Plan available to the Participant throughout the Data Allowance Period subject to the Promotion, to this agreement and to the Service Terms;

4.2 The Free Data Allowance and/or the Globalgig Services are not available:-

4.2.1 unless the corresponding Services are activated on or before the Promotion Expiry Date;

4.2.2 to any party who is not a Participant and the use of the Globalgig Services by any other party is subject (in substitution for these terms and conditions) to the Service Terms and to the payment of all Charges referred to therein without set-off, deferral or reduction of any kind;

4.3 The Participant shall subscribe for and Globalgig shall supply the Globalgig Services:-

4.4.1 throughout the Data Allowance Period;

4.4.2 subject to the Service Terms;

4.5 This agreement and the Globalgig Services will terminate on the expiry of the Data Allowance Period whereupon the obligations of the parties will cease provided that:-

4.5.1 such termination will take effect automatically without any notice or other requirement;

4.5.2 the rights of either party in respect of any antecedent breach shall be unaffected;

4.5.3 the Participant may apply at any time to vary the relevant Promotion Service Plan pursuant to a Services Variation provided further that any Minimum Term applicable thereto shall be deemed not to commence until the date when the relevant Services Variation is effective;

4.6 In the event that the Participant breaches any term of this agreement or the Service Terms Globalgig shall have the right on notice to cancel or void the Free Data Allowance with immediate effect as if the Promotion never occurred whereupon the Participant shall pay to Globalgig on demand an amount equal to the value of the Free Data Allowance used by or through the Equipment activated by the Participant; 

4.7 The Promotion is restricted to the Participant and is non-transferable to any other party.

5. Financial

5.1 Any data usage in excess of the Free Data Allowance or the usage permitted under the relevant Service Promotion Plan (as the case may be) will be charged at the rate specified in the Service Terms;

5.2 Subject to the terms of this agreement the Participant shall pay the Charges to Globalgig in accordance with the Service Terms;

5.3 The Participant shall take all required steps to enable Globalgig to effect prior to the Commencement Date a lawful initial £1.00 authorization (not a payment) under a current valid credit or debit card

6. Formal

6.1 No party is entitled to enforce any term of this agreement under The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999;

6.2 References to clause numbers are to clause numbers in the same part of these terms and conditions unless the contrary is expressly indicated;

6.3 This agreement and any terms expressly incorporated herein comprise the entire agreement of the parties concerning all subject matters referred to and no other agreements, statements, representations, understandings formal or informal, written or verbal shall have any effect.

6.4 This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales.